Classic Jewelers is a family owned business with deep roots in the jewelry industry. We are second to none in how competitive our prices are for various reasons. In the loose diamond search we carry a large back-stock of loose stones ranging extensively in size, color, clarity, cut. Our loose diamond prices are unbeatable, almost all jewelers use diamond brokers to acquire stones, with our extensive roots in the jewelry industry we've been able to cut the middleman out and deal directly with diamond cutters in Antwerp, Belgium, making multiple trips a year to stock up on diamonds for the seasons. This allows us to pass those savings onto our customers.  

Classic Jewelers has partnered with one of the best Watchmakers in the country in order to provide service to those customers out there with finer time pieces. We service a variety of finer timepieces including, Rolex, Breitling, Omega, Tag Heuer, etc. We provide quick turn around time compared to many authorized dealers and prices that are unbeatable. All of our watch overhauls come with a 1 year warranty. We have found that the biggest issue owners of timepieces face are long overdue servicing, typically its recommended to service your timepiece any where from every 2-5 years. We also replace batteries on any watch, don't take your watch to someone who doesn't know what they are doing, the chances of that watch being ruined are high! We can replace your old battery with a fresh one in a matter of minutes!