Custom Design

Classic Jewelers contains an onsite designer that can guarantee a beautiful piece of art that happens to also be jewelry.

Since 1982 Classic Jewelers has been designing unforgettable styles making our customer's jewelry dreams a reality!

Custom Design:
With every custom design or idea our customers bring to the table we strive to add the perfect final touches to make it more than just another
piece of jewelry, closer to a work of art. Come in today and let us show you how we design from scratch, whether it be a description of your item,
a picture of an item you've lost or seen online, on television, social media, etc.

Step 1: Come into Classic Jewelers in Easley, SC

Step 2: Sit down with our onsite designer and make

sure to bring some kind of image, general design, description, etc.

Step 3: Let us work our CAD magic and design a rendering of your

soon to be wearable art!

Step 4: We will keep you informed in the making of your jewelry,

sending you pictures of your item fresh out of the oven

Step 5: Come in and pick up your beautiful work of art, then make

sure to brag about your beautiful piece to every one you know!

Come in and Design something yourself!

Come in and try out your hand at designing your own work of art! With our cutting edge Stuller CounterSketch Software you can become the designer in your product and take from a Pre-loaded library of designs to edit them into whichever design your heart desires! We have plenty of options from bridal, engraveables, family jewelry, mom rings, pendants, etc.