Classic Jewelers has worked intensely to have a Master Jeweler on site at all times, very few jewelry stores in the entire country have access to Master Jewelers, individuals who have excelled in their proficiency and detail in the jewelry repair and custom industry much farther than most others. We proudly have a jeweler that is GIA certified in a plethora of skills along with having over 30 years of experience in repairing the most high end pieces available. While having an amazing jeweler is a great feat it is only half of the journey, your shop, or the tools you give a jeweler to work with are extremely important. Classic Jewelers has a state of the art jewelers shop facility featuring every single piece of equipment and material in order to facilitate the timely and professional repair of your most sacred possessions. As Jewelers and being a family owned business we understand the special sentimental value that so many jewelry pieces carry which is why we take the utmost care of your items.

We Cover a wide range 

of repair services including but not limited to:

  • Ring sizing
  • re-shanking
  • re-tipping/Rebuilding prongs
  • Stone setting
  • Metal color change
  • refinishing
  • restoring
  • shortening chains
  • soldering broken chains