We have all been there, whether hard times have made you strapped for cash or there are pieces of jewelry you simply don't wear anymore.

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Stop going into Pawn Shops and being ripped off for your valuable pieces of jewelry! Classic Jewelers over the years has established a nation wide network of Jewelry Brokers that will make you an on the spot offer for your items. We solely act as middlemen in the transaction providing an offer from our Nationwide brokers. You must keep in mind that our brokers are not looking for every single piece of jewelry available but higher quality pieces that have the potential of being sold as estate pieces in auctions across the country. We always recommend trying to sell your jewelry to an individual first before coming to us, our brokers will not offer any where near appraisal value for items as those appraisals are strictly for insurance purposes in case an item is lost or stolen and needs to be replaced, not for resale purposes. But if you are in a tight spot and need some quick cash Classic Jewelers and our team of brokers can help get you cash!

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